Herons' Hollow

The town of Heron’s Hollow sits on the river Llem and is run by Townmaster Evendur, a tall, dark-skinned Chondathan. Heron’s hollow is, primarily, a trade town. Sending food from the surrounding farms, as well as raw lumber and a few metal goods up and down the river by barge and to the outlying hamlets by wagon. Heron’s hold boasts a standing watch of twenty, arranged into 4 ‘hands’ of five. Each pair reports to an ‘Arm’ who, in turn, reports to the Townmaster.
Heron’s Hollow also is home to the Church of the Seven Stones, a massive stone building that allows worship of any of the goodly gods and is overseen by Anastrianna Siannodel, a High Elf that has been the matriarch of the church as long as anyone can remember. She stands nearly six feet tall with bronzed skin and coppery hair.
There are many merchants, including smiths, coopers, brewers, and bakers as well as commoners and farmers who frequent Herons’ Hollow; not to mention the barge captains and crew, that make Herons’ Hollow busy for a medium sized town. One of the more popular gathering places is a local pub called ‘The Rusty Hen’, which features a very good local brew and some of the best food in town. It is run by Alton and Cora Thorngage, a Halfling couple who are always happy to see regulars.
The town offers a open air market twice per month.

Lately there has been more goods, particularly raw ore, timbers and food, passing up and down the river. Rumors abound as to why this might be. Every speculation, from expansion of the Duchy to a influx of new residents to preparing for war are discussed and debated at length. Coupled with the reports of the tense negotiations with Pienn and the increased reports of monster activity, including reports of Goblins, orcs and worse, Herons’ Hollow is a town on edge.

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Herons' Hollow

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