The Past

It’s been 1000 years since the collapse of Amric, the great empire. Theirs was a time of prosperity, enlightenment and equality for most. Sadly, as such thing often are, it was also a time of crime, greed and corruption. The great empire spanned nearly the entire continent and had lasted for hundreds of years. It died in a few, short days in violence and fire. The legends say that the flames in some areas reached thousands of feet into the air, lighting the night sky, and the heat could be felt for miles in any direction.
Once the fires burnt out, there followed years of struggling just to survive as the smoke and ash nearly blotted out the sun. It was during this time that the creatures of legend returned. Goblins, orcs, and other even more evil creatures came from wherever they’d been hiding and nearly wiped out the more goodly races. Good was on the brink of extinction. But they survived by banding together. Humans, Elves, Dwarves and Halflings, along with other goodly races, banded together in ways that they had never had to before in small city states, viciously defended from the encroaching hoards.
Gradually they fought back the monsters and established small duchies, principalities and feifdoms emerged from the city-states of the past, ruled by the whoever could hold power.

The Present

The Dukedom of Gravos, ruled by Grieve Declan, is a medium sized dukedom located on the east coast of the continent. It is a somewhat vibrant state, having access to minor mineral deposits, logging, farming, and several seaports, the major of which is Ertham. Lately, though, Gravos has been in tense negotiations with their western neighbors, Pienn, over mineral rights in the central Palach mountains. There’s even been talk that, if an accord cannot be reached, Gravos may wage war on Pienn and attempt to annex them by force.
As if that weren’t enough, there have been recent reports that monstrous forces, Goblins, orcs, Kobolds and more, have been seen in force in the wilder parts of the duchy, prompting many to urge Grieve to break off negotiations with Pienn and focus, instead, on the monster problem.

Ashes, all

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