Lester Lostword

Male human wizard 1


5’9" , 160 lbs., 22 yrs.; medium brown hair, dark blue eyes, high cheekbones and somewhat pointy chin, he wears dirty yellow robes
AL: LN; Lang: common, elven, dwarven, gnomish
Personality: horribly awkward in social situations
Ideal: self-improvement.
Bond: to answering a certain question
Flaw: overlooking obvious solutions in favor of complicated ones

Str: 11(0) Dex: 10(0) Con: 10(0) Int: 13(2) Wis: 7(-2) Cha: 9(-1)
Size: M; Speed: 30; AC: 10; Init: +0; HP: 6/6; Hit Dice: 1d6
Passive Wisdom: 8

Saves: STR, CON

Melee Attack: Dagger, +0 to hit; 1d4 Piercing damage
Ranged Attack: Dagger, +0to hit; 1d4 Piercing damage; 20/60 range

Skills: arcana, history, investigation, medicine
Tools: Thieves’ tools, Dragonchess

Wizard Features:
spellcasting, arcane recovery

Cantrips: fire bolt, mage hand, prestidigitation
Level one spells: comprehend languages, detect magic, identify, mage armor, magic missile, shield

Background Feature:

component pouch
explorer’s pack
Quill & a bottle of ink
a small knife
a letter from a dead colleague posing a question Liam is unable to answer
common clothes
belt pouch w/ 10 gp


Liam might not have been the worst apprentice his master ever had, but his name was officially entered into contention. His intellect might be above average amongst the common folk but combined with his complete lack of common sense he was never, in the eyes of wizardly adepts, going to amount to anything. After a memorable accident in which a misplaced firebolt detonated an experiment and nearly burned the lab down, the young apprentice was relegated to searching musty old tomes and tending injuries (some caused by him) instead.
His master might have taken a few liberalities when he declared Liam’s apprenticeship “complete” and promptly kicked him to the curb. In any case, Liam was thrust upon the world, just another bumbling wizard. However, sometime after he received a letter from a colleague of his master that sent him on the trail of a mystery that he has yet to be able to solve. The colleague, it turns out, is dead, and the trail of clues had brought him to Crown Point when news of the unpleasantness arrived. Though not much of a fighter, Liam figures he would make a passable torchbearer for more able warriors. Those sorts of people might even come to appreciate his other skills.

Lester Lostword

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