Ashes, all

It's always something
The Beginning
Our story starts in the town of Herons’ Hollow where, it could be said, the times, they are a’changing. On one hand, it’s a good time for the town and it’s citizens as lots of trade is passing through town, bring in money any a bit of prosperity. However, times are also looking dark. First, there is the tense negotiations with Pienn, a neighboring duchy, over some mineral rights. This could lead to an armed confrontation between the two neighboring states. Second, as of late, the monstrous populations, Kobolds, Goblins, Orcs and more have been stirring more than usual. Bree Windrivver is a hand of the local watch in Heron’s Hollow. She and her hand of 5, including Roberc Starnharp, Dorna Crownshield, Nym Amalith, and Miri Buckman patrol the town and its’ perimeters trying to keep the forces of darkness at bay. Ashurn Greyrat is a fugitive from the misguided ‘justice’ of Townmaster Graeves of the town of Tudsbury. Graeves chose to abandon the village rather than defend it against bandits. The ruler even had his soldiers execute the village elder for protesting against his decision. Ashurn, without thinking too much, sneaked into the castle’s armory one night and stole as much weapons as he could, to arm the villagers against the impending raid. In the end, Ashurn and the villagers have managed to repel the bandits. But that was not the end, Graeves was very angry with Ashurn and send his man to attack the village. Even though Ashurn fended them off, but he knew the village would not be safe if he stayed and left in the following night. Heron Dawnwater is a bit of a mystery, arriving in town only recently, he’s been seen holding a sort-of service at a table in The Rusty Hen of all places. Lester Lostword is a sage and wizards’ apprentice, released upon the wide world by his master.

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